Music at Bethlehem
Music Opportunities

The music of Bethlehem Lutheran Church is one of its great strengths and is central to our rich liturgical life.  It is dedicated to fulfilling our mission to lead the congregation in worship and share the gospel.

We offer our musical gifts trusting that God will speak through the music we offer to all.

There are many ways your musical gifts can be shared.  Please contact Marshall Jones to find out more.

Below you will find the latest Hymn Histories exploring three hymn  and the background of that hymn as well as its connection to our readings for the upcoming Sunday. 

Spring 2023 Rehearsal

Bethlehem Lutheran Choir rehearses at 7 PM on Wednesday evenenings. 

GosBells will rehearse on Saturday mornings at 11 AM.

Mixture rehearses at 1 PM on Saturday afternoons. 


Please contact if interested in any of these ensembles.

Hymn Histories 3/28/23

#1085 Hope of the World #353 Were You There? #340 A Lamb Goes Uncomplaining Forth